Establishment of Elementary Schools (Makaatib)

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that To seek knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim. The Hadith conveys this message that religious educations and training are the basic need of every Muslim child. Islamic education and training imparted to the children in their childhood help them to protect their faith when they become adults. There is no proper system or structure of such education and training in the villages. So the poor Muslims and their children are feared to be deprived of Islamic religious guidance and faith (Iman). As a result they fall prey to Qadiyanis and Christian missionaries and slowly lose their Faith (Iman).

Few sayings of Prophet (Peace be upon him)

The new generations of Muslims in rural areas unfortunately don’t even know the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Even older Muslim members in these villages are still ignorant of basic Islamic teachings and have no sense of responsibility towards imparting religious knowledge and wisdom to their children. The trust was surprised to witness the standard of belief and conditions of their ignorance, such that the generations of these people have not even seen the Holy Quran, let alone the fact living according to it. If our children living in cities are unaware of Islam it means that they are only unaware of basic Islamic teachings and way of life. They don’t expel themselves out of the domain of Islam and become infiedls. But conditions are totally different in rural areas, where if the village children are unaware of Islam they go out of the domain of Islam and fall in to the deep abyss of Kufr. When we ask them did you hear about Muhammad (ﷺ), one of them replied, he never visited to our Village, Allahu Akber !!

Keeping this in mind, the trust has placed the establishment of education centers as its core objectives. MajliseTahaffuze Khatme Nubuwat establishes elementary schools in the remote villages so that the Muslims with the help of Islamic education could keep practice their faith. Every district has many villages and every village needs Maktab (School) but MajliseTahafuzze Khatme Nubuwat trust organizes Makatib in those areas where Qadiyanis and Christians are active. Alhamdulillah the trust has been establishing Makatib since 17 yrs, and has succeeded to create religious awareness among Muslims in more than 600 plus villages. Now the total number of elementary schools running under the supervision of the trust is above 67.Trust gives monthly salaries to the Imam and Teachers for working in these elementary schools.


We humbly request you all to take part in this regard. You can take the responsibility of any one remote villages or any one Elementary schools (Makaatib) for which the cost around Rs 6000-8000/- including books and salary of the teacher.

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