Our Honorable Members &Trustees

  • Hazrath Shah Jamaal Ur Rahman Miftaahi (President)
  • Hazrath Mufti Abdul Mughni Mazahiri (Vice President)
  • Hazrath Khalid Saifullah Rehmani (General Secretary)
  • Hazrath Mohammed Abdul Qavi (Trustee)
  • Hazrath Mufti Gyasuddin Rehmani (Secretary)
  • Hazrath Khaja Nazeeruddin Sabeeli (Founder Member)
  • Hazrath Amjad Ali Qasmi (Founder Member)
  • Hazrath Muslihuddin Qasmi (Founder Member)
  • Hazrath Arshad Ali Qasmi (Secretary)


Special Thanks

Thankfulness and remembering the favors is among the good manners and also a fulfillment of the command of the Holy Prophet ﷺ “Those who favor people, they will be favored by ﷲ”. Majlise Tahaffuz Khatme Nubuwwat Trust are filled with thanks and gratitude and we are thankful to the regular members of Trust and overall patrons as well as who help trust with valuable contributions such as Zakat, Endowments, Hides from animals sacrifice, construction of Masjids, arranging of Iftar , helping of widows, orphans, elder peoples and sicks. We are also thankful to all the muslim youth volunteers who have offered their services with all humility subservience. To all regular members and volunteers of our Trust and those who have passed away, we supplicate to ﷲ that he offers them forgiveness and raise their positions in Heaven.