Pensions and Monetary help to Widows, Orphan, Handicapped

Poverty, helplessness, and basic needs sometimes appear to be very critical trials for a poor Muslim which they have to struggle for the safety of their faith (Imaan). Also uneducated poor Muslims are easily trapped into the net of Qadianism and Christianity. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) already has indicated to such a critical condition full of mischiefs and evil forces. He said “Evil forces (Fitne) will emerge like dark night. A person who is a believer in the morning will turn into disbeliever in the evening, or he who is a believer in the evening will become a disbeliever when the dawn breaks. He will sell out his faith (Iman). Sahih Muslim, Hadith No:169.

In the rural villages the main and basic cause for poor Muslims to get converted to Qadiyani or Christianity is their financial status. In every village there are many Muslim widows, orphans and physically handicapped people who are contacted by some non-Islamic organizations who give them some money in charity and convert them into their own religion. For the present scenario our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) stated sometimes poverty and hunger leads towards disbelief.

MajliseTahafuuze Khatme Nubuwat trust as an organization tries to help such kind of people, so that none of our Muslim members are being demoralized because of poverty, helplessness, physical challenges, and being orphan. Due to these monetary and physical pressures our Muslim members are led to convert their faith in Islam to any other religion and lose the privilege of being from the Ummah of the Last Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Thus it is our duty towards the physically handicapped, widows and orphans in the society of the rural villages. The trust has decided to give financial aid and distribute monthly pensions among these kinds of people.

The Monthly Pension distribution has been started in the year 2007. The Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat Trust Telangana & Andhra Pradesh is giving Rs 200/- (INR) as Pension to the Widows/Orphans/Handicapped people on a monthly basis. Currently we are giving pensions to 153 People. For example, if two or three people are eligible for pensions in the same family then Khatme Nubuwwat trust are paying pensions to them.


It is our wholehearted appeal to you, your family and friends that as per your earnings you can take the responsibility of the monthly pension for one or more such kind of orphans, widows and handicapped people. Especially if you want you can offer obligatory Zakaat (Alms) to our poor brothers & sisters of Islam and to become as source of help for them.

Note: Click here to view the Distributed Pension list .