Quiz Competition

First essay competition on the topic” the finality of Prophethood” for Imams and teachers By the grace of Allah, Imams and teachers offer religious services in villages under various organizations. Most of the villages are victimized by Qadiyanism so Imams and teachers working in villages are like armies fighting at the border. They have to have weapon of strong arguments for “the finality of Prophethood and trial of Qadiyanism” so that they can crush Qadiyani preachers and send them packing when they come across them. For this year, essay competition for first time was conducted for Imams and teachers working in villages under Majilse Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat Trust or other organizations. The competition was based on the books: “Forty Ahadith on the finality of Prophethood, “The finality Annual Report 41 of prophethood quiz”, and “Qadiyani sect offender of contempt for Islam” published by MTKN. Questions were asked from the mentioned books. First prize was rupees 15,000, second was rupees 10,000 and third was rupees 5,000. Furthermore, two inspirational prizes worth three thousand rupees were given.