Arranging Weekly and Monthly meetings

From the long time Qadiyanis has taken a secret grip over the muslims of the city Hyderabad and its surrounding districts and Muslims where getting influenced by the teaching of Qadiyanis over a decade. People for a very long duration remain unaware and ignorant towards the poisonous believes of Qadiyanis when they began realizing it was too late as many cities towns and villages where under the influence of Qadiyanis. And many innocent Muslims were made to believe the false prophethood of mirza ghulam ahmed qadiyani.Because of many muslims got deviate from true path of Islam to False Qadiyaniyat. When Islamic Scholars noticed this threat to Muslim community they began working against them individually and as in groups. But this effort could not give the fruitful result as a very few people among the muslim community were associated with this work .

Individual voice and efforts against the Qadiyanis could not stop the epidemic of Qadiyanism And slowly it kept spreading among the innocent Muslims.For about 100 years the Qadiyanis were sectrely working against Islam. In these 100 years the Islamic scholars has tried their levels best to stop the Qadiyanis but these effort were not enough to make them shut their activities.Qadiyani has taken immense advantage of this by influencing a large group of Muslims in the city Hyderabad and its rural areas because people were unaware about the basic Islam Knowledge. Muslim in the city were least bother about the believes of the Muslims residing in Villages and Rural areas. Qadiyanis pretended to be the well wishers of these economically backward Muslim and has brainwash there believes and Villagers started believing them.

In these 100 years the destruction caused by the Qadiyanis to the Muslim Community is impossible to be explained on a single the year 2001 MAJLISE TAHAFFUZE KHATME NUBUWWAT TRUST TELANGANA AND ANDRA PRADESH was formed and the team of MAJLISE TAHAFFUZE KHATME NUBUWWAT TRUST took up the responsibility of making the Muslims aware about the false sector of Qadiyanism through the public meeting gatherings weekly monthly quarterly and yearly basis by disturbuting the pamphlet (handouts) about the false believes of Qadiyanis. The outcome of these gathering was that lots of Muslims who attended this program understood about the believes of Qadiyanis and they have started protecting themselves their families from these open threat of Qadiyanis .Because of this Qadiyanis are bound to hide there identity.

Today in Hyderabad city and its surrounding no Qadiyani has the courage to openly reveal his believes. Because now the word Qadiyani has become a synonym to abusive words. This became possible because of the efforts done by the trust through the public gatherings and announcements. MAJLISE TAHAFFUZE KHATME NUBUWWAT TRUST has not only made the people of the city aware of this threat but also have concentrated about the villagers and are constantly working to revert them back to the true Islam.

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