Survey and inspection of affected villages


The struggle between truth and falsehood is there from the begin of time. Falsehood has tried to suppress the truth in every way possible and it is being continued even today, Falsehood has never missed an opportunity to defame the image of Islam.

Sometimes if they get a chance they will attack directly on Islamic Values and if they did not get a chance to do so they will get the favour of those Muslims who don’t believe in Islam completely. Because of ignorance of Islam such people will become puppets of anti-Islamic elements. In the shape of group like Qadiyani’s and Shakeel Bin Haneef who are the false clamors of the Prophet hood, They try to deceive innocent Muslims by proclaiming that they are only the true followers of Islam. Indeed the disbelievers show their hatred against the Islam by speech or Writing their false views on Islam.

The current examples of the present era are writers such as Salman Rushdie,Tasleema Nasreen,Tariq Fatah and so on. They impose their personal views against Islamic Teachings, those Muslims who are unaware about Islam will be impressed by their writings and gets misguided from the righteous path. Similarly the objection raised by so called Muslims or Scholars in Europe frequently show their hatred and anti-Islamic views on various media platforms. On the Other hand Christian Missionaries are working hard to convert muslims in rural areas with their social work hospitality and by giving other monetary benefits usually the innocent Muslims gets trapped in their racket will leave Islam and gets converted to Christianity,Like wise Qadiyani Sector also target Muslims who are far away from the cities and live in small villages they are usually labourers and are Muslims just for the name sake they are illiterate about the basic teaching of do’s and dont’s of Islamic Sharia.So therefore such people getout of islam due to their lack of basic Islamic knowledge.

On obtaining such information the office of TAHAFUZZ E KHATAM E NUBUWAAT and its team will visit such people who gets converted from Muslims to Christianity or sometimes a village totally gets converted to Christianity, they are accepting Qadiyani believes and regularly visit temples and worship places on non muslims.In some rural areas and villages Muslims are constructing temples for worship. Therefore the team of KHATAM E NUBUWAAT will visit these people every month for upto seven days and will perform the intensive survey of all these anti Islamic activities with the coordination of Mandal incharges who are true followers of Islam. They will be arranging an Islamic talk in the central mosque of the village on the topic of conversion to other religions and its ill effects in the life here and hereafter will try to convince the people to revert back to Islam.Usually there are about 20 to 40 villages in a mandal.Team will try to find out the total number of Muslim residents in those Villages and try to identify the people who are affected by the disbelievers. They will check whether the village is having a mosque or not.If they do not have any Mosque then will try to find whether the land is purchased for it else they will try to explore the possible ways to get the mosque built in the village with the help of locals and trust.

  • The investigation came out after the survey clearly proves that the villages are affected with disbelievers and there is no Mosque there to protect their Emaan(Faith).In such situation the team will try to get the Mosque built with the donations received by the trust.In case if the population of the village is 30 to 40 homes and still lesser then those Muslim leaving there will face a difficulty in paying the salary to Imam due to their poverty.Even if the villages has more than 50 homes than also they are incapable of even paying 1000 rupees to Imam due to their backward economic status and lack of awareness about Islam. Where as usually the salary of imam is 6000-8000 rupees monthly.
  • In some villages there are mosque without Imam. In such areas a person who is illiterate and unaware about Islam does not know how to lead the are actually leading the prayers. If there is a Mosque ,already available then is there any makatab or madarassa functioning or not.If the Imam appointed there is getting his monthly salary or not.The imam is a local resident or from other states also whether the village is affected by which false sector of wrong believers.From how much time they are effected by such sectors. The Worship places of those false sectors are available in the village and who has built them.In such places the team will try find out who is the preacher,teacher,scholar and priests available.On Collecting all those information team will regular visit those areas that are totally affected.The Team will try to meet the people and guide them towards the righteous path in the light of Quran and Sunnah.Secondly in some Villages after performing Fajar and Asar prayers children come to get basic Quran Knowledge but unfortunately there are no qualified Hafiz or Alim as Imam in those Mosques.The imam only knows few verses of Quran because of which people are unable to get the basic Knowledge of Islam and they are incapable to recite the Quran due to unavailability of the Qualified Imam because of there poverty and lack of salary to be given to proper Imam.As most of the population of the villagers are laborers in such cases the team of Khatam e Nubuwaat will appoint Hafiz Alim or Imam if the budget permits.
  • Due to ignorance about Islam Knowledge and unawareness to the basic rituals of Islam like performing salah they are unfortunately lock up the mosques and in the mean time they are getting attracted towards the non muslims and their worship rituals.In such places the team of Khatam e Nubuwaat will try to educate the people about the Islamic Rituals and to make them offer salah in the mosque.
  • In there affected Villages a monthly visit is performed to coordinate with the people who are aware of Tauheed Risalat and Akirat will try to convince them about it.
  • In the affected villages a class for teaching the Islamic basics is arranged for two hours daily at day time or the evening as per there convenience. After the standard and progress of the students through the salary of the Imam is paid.
  • Apart the development activities in the villages the khatam e nubuwaat team in Hyderabad conducts a road survey on the first Sunday of every month in many areas where their representatives explain about the activities of Khatam e Nubuwaat and also to explain about these activities a pamphlet is issued explaining why Qadiyanis are not Muslim.Such pamphlet are distrusted among Shopkeeper,common Muslim,Auto drivers and people passing thereby this program starts from 10 am in the morning and continues till zohar prayers .Those representatives will go to the local mosque attend the prayers and disturb those handouts among the attendees of the prayers.
  • on obtaining any information about the activities of Qadiyanis of Hyderabad city such as on topic of deceiving muslims about seerat un nabi or when they try to attract the muslims by doing social work such as conducting muslim marriages with qadiyanis and information about burial of qadiyani in muslim graveyard on such critical moments the khatam e nubuwaat team will try to stop the burial activities and other non sense of qadiyanis against islam. By the grace of almighty Allah they are successful till date.
  • In case of information regarding qadiyanis and shakeel bin haneef and their followers activities in any part of the city such as secretly working to spread their views a public meeting is called to alternate the people of those areas by the team of Khatam eNubuwaat where they are stealing the emaan of innocent Muslims and help them protect their children from these false ideas.When such a public meeting is conducted the Morales of Islamic enemies will be degraded and community belonging to that place can be protected against such ideologies begin spread in there respective areas.