Publishing and distribution of Islamic literature on the topic of Seerat Muhammed Saw:

The success of every mission, organization and cause lies in its ability to publish hard-hitting pamphlets and books, MajliseTahaffuza Khatme Nubuwat trust has included the publication of books on spreading the message of finality of Prophet hood and exposing to blasphemous qadiyani cult in its core objectives.

Therefore a large number of books, pamphlets and posters are regularly published. Majlise Ilmiya’s publication “Zia–e- Ilm” which contains insightful articles on faith, belief and religion. Regularly features a 10 page column on finality of Prophethood. Various Daily News Papers, fortnightlies and monthly magazines regularly publish articles by Honorable Members of Trust.

Publishing of articles that are easy to understand and in simple language on the topic of finality of Prophethood is one of the objective of Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwat Trust. A large number of charts and posters in Urdu and Telugu language is published time to time. The treasurer of the trust has published a booklet named “Fundamental differences between “Mirzaism and Islam”.

Literatures make the mission more impressive and more useful.The adherents of false beliefs know the importance of the literature very well. So there false and misguiding literatures are found in abundance in the society. Majilse Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwat Trust is also a mission and a movement. Keeping the importance of literature in mind, the trust has got literatures prepared as rejoinder against qadianism from its very inception.

Hadrath Moulana Mungiri (rh) says in one of his sayings that “ Write books against qadianism in a so large number that every muslim should find a literature or a pamphlet to read in the morning after he gets up.

A big number of Muslim youngsters are pursuing education in schools and colleges. They are the builders of the nation and community in the future. The purpose behind it is to wash the brain of the children and make them aware of the mischief of Qadianism. The trust gets the pamphlets and hand bills prepared in “Roman English”. The title of the pamphlets for children is “Baccho ! Qadiyanio se bacho” (Children! Be away from Qadiyanis) and the title for youngsters was “Qadiyani Kyun Musalmaan Nahi ”(Why Qadiyanis are not Muslim)These are the two types of pamphlets were printed around 40,000 in numbers and it was distributed in the schools and colleges in Hyderabad.

Newspapers are good means to introduce any noble activity. The news of gatherings and activities of MTKN is published in Urdu dailies of the City. Sometimes press release is sent to the newspapers to be published. It helps common people to the activities and services rendered by the Khatme Nubuwwat trust. Maulana Ansar Ullah Qasmi (Organizer) frequently writes articles on the topic of “Qadianism” and these articles are regularly published in Urdu Newspapers. Trust has publised several books on the finality of Prophethood.


The Qadiyanis spread their misleading literature in various parts of the city and remote villages as well. Therefore, the immediate publication of books, posters and stickers has now become more important than ever in fighting this blasphemous cult. We pray to Almighty (Swt) to provide us with resources to publish these books regularly and make them a guiding light for all those whose are being led astray.